England v USA Result

The England v USA Match is bound to be a fast and furious affair with both teams desperate for the points and if you are unable to catch the match live then the full result will be here seconds after the final whistle. It will feature all the goal scorers as well as any yellow or red cards that have been dished out, they could become important later in the tournament if any suspensions are forthcoming.

So fear not if you're not near a TV set, you will be able to get the full information on the match right here so you can see if your bet has come in. We will have the first goalscorer, the last goalscorer, the half time scorer and everything else so you will not need to go anywhere else for your England v USA result.

We will of course have the tough task of watching the match live and will pass on any important information to punters, it is a difficult job for us but someone has to do it and we are glad it is us!

England 1-1 USA - FULL TIME

World Cup 2010